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Tile and Grout Services

Welcome to Specialized Surfaces

We are truly tile experts when it comes to tile and grout. Not only can provide you with expert tile installation but we also can help you with the maintenance of your surfaces. We offer a revolutionary tile and grout restoring and cleaning processes that will return your tile and grout to its original beauty and color. See below for some of our services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services:

While ceramic and porcelain tiles themselves are non-porous, mopping or steam cleaning alone can not achieve the kind of tile and grout cleaning results that a “Specialized” technician can. We use our patented steam cleaning systems to clean your tile and grout of dirt, stains and bacteria. Our technicians then apply a sealant to create a stain-resistant surface.

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New Tile and Grout Installation:

Not only are we expert installer, but because of our expertise we are often called to repair faulty installations that were performed by other companies. Because of this, we can guarantee that you will get a quality and long lasting installation. We can use our experience to recommend what’s right for your job.

Tile and Grout Repairs:

With our advance knowledge of installation and restoration, we can not only replace tiles, but also repair unsightly cracks, holes and pits. We use advance repair techniques including use of epoxies and resins.

Tile and Grout Sealing:

While ceramic and porcelain tiles themselves are non-porous, the grout between them absorbs everyday dirt and spills, much like a sponge. To protect your newly cleaned grout, our technicians can apply a sealant to create a stain-resistant surface. Our clear sealant creates an invisible stain-resistant barrier over the top of the grout, giving you more time to clean spots and spills before they discolor your grout. It also makes future cleanings easier, since most of the dirt stays at the surface of the grout.

Shower Tile Restoration:

Tile and grout in a shower can be particularly hard to maintain and keep looking clean. Soap scum, body oil and hard water deposit can damage these surfaces and their longevity. We are able to turn back the clock with a combination of our installation and cleaning services to make your shower look new again with out having to replace the whole shower

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