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Saltillo Tile Restoration Orange County

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Saltillo Tile Restoration Orange County

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Saltillo Tile Restoration Orange County

Starting in 1991, Specialized Surfaces has been artfully restoring your tile to its original condition, for over 27 years. With almost three decades in business, Specialized Surfaces has built a  team of specialists that are more than qualified to work on any type of tile available on the market, including saltillo tile. In terms of saltillo tile restoration and tile restoration in general, we combine elements of saltillo tile installation as well as saltillo tile cleaning and sealing, without having to actually replace your current tile. This not only saves you the time and money required to replace all of your saltillo tile, but also makes it appear as impressive as it would, if you were to replace it. With that being said, our specialists are highly trained to expertly install saltillo tile, in addition to repairing faulty installations that were performed by other companies. In either scenario, we guarantee that your saltillo tile installation will be a long-lasting one. In terms of the saltillo tile cleaning and sealing, this is a two-in-one service, with the cleaning taking place before the sealing. The cleaning involves our special patented steam cleaning system, that is capable of eliminating all levels of stains, dirt, and bacteria. The sealing then forms a stain-resistant surface, that extends the life of the restoration project.

Saltillo Tile Refinishing Orange County

Although the cost of saltillo tile refinishing (saltillo tile restoration) is cheaper than new saltillo tile installation, the price still varies depending on the scale of the job and the extent to which your tile is in need of the service. Nonetheless, we offer a free estimate that will determine the cost of our services, after a thorough inspection is conducted by one of our representatives. Also, if you book within a week of your estimate, you can save up to $100 for a project exceeding $1000. Customers throughout Orange County and specifically Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, and San Clemente should take advantage of these deals and savings while they’re still available.

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