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Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing Orange County

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Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing Orange County

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Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing Orange County

Beginning in 1991, Specialized Surfaces has been providing a wide-array of masterful tile and grout services, for over 27 years. More specifically, these services include cleaning, installation, repairs, sealing, and restoration, with cleaning and sealing coexisting as a two-in-one service. With that being said, our specialists are trained to perform these services on a large variety of surfaces, including high-quality tile such as saltillo tile. Essentially, saltillo tile cleaning and sealing begins with the cleaning, which involves our patented steam cleaning systems that can’t be matched by basic mopping or steam cleaning alone. These patented steam cleaning systems are designed to seamlessly eliminate even the most stubborn collections of dirt, stains, and bacteria. Cleaning saltillo tile floors is then followed by sealing, which creates a stain-resistant surface to prolong the duration of its newly restored condition. Essentially, this invisible stain-resistant sealant creates a barrier on top of the grout, creating a larger window of opportunity to clean your tile before the grout becomes discolored. As a result, future cleanings are much easier, due to the fact that the vast majority of the dirt remains on the surface of the grout.

Affordable and High-Quality Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Sealing Orange County


In terms of the cost of saltillo tile cleaning and sealing, it’s dependent on the surface area of the tile, as well as the time it takes to complete the task. Nevertheless, Specialized Services is proud to offer a free estimate that incentivizes customers to book within 7 days to receive an additional $100 of of any service exceeding $1,000. For all existing and potential customers in Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, and San Clemente, these are prices and deals on saltillo tile cleaning and sealing that you simply cannot ignore. Despite the affordability of our services, the quality of our services have been lauded by many. In fact, Specialized Surfaces have received several high-profile accolades including 60 5-star reviews on Yelp, a Best Of HomeAdvisor Multi Year Winner award, and an Angie’s List Multi Year Super Service award. Furthermore, Specialized Surfaces is a BBB A+ accredited business, that is proud to offer affordable and high-quality services to residential and commercial clients throughout Orange County.


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