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Marble Services: Installation and Repair

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Marble Services: Installation and Repair

Specialized Surfaces Marble Services in Orange County

Specialized Surfaces has perfected marble repair and marble installation over the past 20 years of business. In different cities such as Irvine, Lake Forest and Newport Beach, we have been able to not only fix poor installation jobs by various companies, but to also offer outstanding marble services that are typically not offered by competing companies.

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Marble Repair Services

Marble is a beautiful surface, but when it becomes broken, chipped, or develops holes it doesn’t look as beautiful. Specialized Surfaces marble repair can fix it in the best manner possible. We offer marble floor repair which can replace tiles and slabs that are damaged.  Counter tops of marble are also heavily affected and damaged due to frequent use. We have seen surfaces with cracks, holes, and even pits on the counter tops. Our marble services and Specialized professionals are able to go above and beyond the customer’s wants. Due to the fact we have advanced technique to help us make your marble look new again. These techniques include epoxies and resins which help fill these holes and help make it possible for marble chip repair.

marble installation in Laguna Niguel, Orange County marble cleaning repaid services in Orange County Irvine Costa Mesa Fashion Island Laguna Hills, California

Marble Installation

Here at Specialized Surfaces we are unique due to the fact we offer marble installation as well as other marble services, for installations done by other companies who did a poor job in cities such as Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and Laguna Niguel. For all of our marble installation services we do wholesale pricing on the stone and tile slabs. After we install or fix a previous install, our marble experts are able to make sure the installation will last and be of the best quality for our valued customers. After all marble installation is done, we offer marble maintenance tips. Specialized Surfaces wants nothing but the best satisfaction for our customers and will make sure your marble floors look stunning.


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